Saturday, 28 November 2009

A few shafts of light

I am in search, constantly, for answers to the perpetually growing orb of questions that grows within the parameters of my mind.

Often I look for something fun to distract me from the exhaustive depth of questioning everything.

I am an observer. For a multitude of reasons, which will be explored in future posts. I watch. Over time, my understanding has grown, and still has far to go, but having a sharp eye has served me well in looking out for those I care for.

I have strong idea of purpose - that I want to change the world. But, changing the world is not the work of an individual. If we all tidy our own corners of the world - our collective endeavour changes the world. So perhaps I seek to be some kind of inspiration; a catalyst.

Being imperfect, apathy and emptiness frequently hinder this. It is a daily battle I accept as part of my life, and am looking for more ways to eradicate it. My therapist told me that believing that depression is a choice, and that if I wanted to, I could believe myself happy, was empowering. It's not a choice. Amongst many things, it is a chemical imbalance, which I try to regulate with tablets, exercise, diet and meditation.

Welcome. Join me. Let us learn together, share, enjoy and teach.

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